The Sufi House was inaugurated in 2003, and established on the basis of authentic Sufism, mystic tradition of Islam. Its aim is to encourage and motivate people to come closer to the science of the heart.

Although metaphysical sciences can be obscure, the science of the heart is as real as any rational science. However, to express this science in any familiar terminology is challenging and complex. The science of the heart is not merely a theological, philosophical, or psychological study, because it encompasses much more. Although aspects of it resonate with natural sciences like astrophysics and subatomic particle physics, it is ultimately neither one nor the other.

Mankind nowadays often places full faith in what they can see and touch. However, many things exist beyond sight and touch, leaving many distant from the actual reality, and often even confused by apparent reality. To realize ones identity in the grand cosmos, one is perhaps to approach the science of the heart. Such an approach is simple but also expansive. Through the science of the heart, one improves one's understanding and relationship to both the known and unknown. According to the tradition of the messenger Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him and his family, it is said:

All in this Dunya (the material world) is of little worth except for three things:

1. Learning the issues of essential importance
2. Teaching the issues of essential importance
3. Remembering God, Zikr'ullah

We welcome all sincere seekers to visit us at the Sufi House and explore the science of the heart.

Path to the Sufi House, Gedser 2007

The Sufi House is located near Gedser on the southern Danish island of Falster. The Sufi House belongs to the International organization World Sufi Foundation, which is a non profit charity and education organization. We also annually host an international Sufi conference.

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